Monday, February 4, 2008

Gears of War 2 limps onto the battlefield

Those expecting a megaton blowout of information about the inevitable sequel to one of Microsoft's biggest XBox 360 hits, Gears of War, might be surprised, nay disappointed to learn that, yes, while information about the game is due to hit soon, according to the cover of the upcoming issue of gaming mag GamePro, its not the splashy, hype-filled debut you might expect for such a huge title. Mentioned twice on the cover, but yielding top spot to a "10 page scoop" on Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, the cover, at least in Gears of War terms, is underwhelming. Will we see Gears of War 2 in action at the upcoming Game Developer's Conference from February 18-22? Time will tell, but for now, it looks like Microsoft dropped the ball on this one. Big time. The aforementioned GamePro cover is below.

GamePro to unleash a fury of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 news

UPDATE: Looks like GamePro are simply attempting to drum up more sales for their magazine, with Epic's Mark Rein stating that, "It is pure nonsense. We have not announced a sequel to Gears of War to Gamepro or anyone else." Looks like any Gears of War 2 info in the issue would be pure speculation, rather than a hands-on preview. Cheers Firing Squad.