Monday, February 4, 2008

Battlefield Heroes details emerge

Sneaking up on the control point this afternoon is this post on the official Battlefield Heroes blog, from Producer Ben Cousins. For those not paying attention, Battlefield Heroes is a new entry in the popular Battlefield franchise, using an upgraded Battlefield 2142 engine, with a twist. The game will be free, instead being financed by advertisements and a series of microtransactions during gameplay- ie. you would have to pay real money to upgrade your weapons etc. In the post, details about the high-level goals of the game are revealed:
  1. We wanted to return to the crazy unrealistic feel of Battlefield 1942 and Codename Eagle, games which we had both been fans of.
  2. We wanted to make sure that players could ‘get to the fun’ easier this time - faster, cheaper and easier.
  3. We were committed to ensuring that the gameplay would still feel like a legitimate part of the Battlefield franchise, with the core elements and feel preserved.
Head over to the official site to check out the rest of the details!