Tuesday, February 19, 2008

GDC: XBox 360 dies from RRoD

At this point Microsoft must be wondering what they have to do to have some luck. First Toshiba pulls out of the High Definition Disc format war with Sony's Blu Ray and now one of their consoles suffers the dreaded Red Ring of Death (or RRoD) at the worst possible time - the middle of the Game Developers Conference. The footage, captured by a delighted GDC attendee clearly shows the flashing "General Hardware Failure" death indicator suffered by millions of XBox 360's around the globe. Microsoft had previously stated that the days of the RRoD had been left behind, along with a US $1 billion write down. So either the demo unit at GDC is an old model, or something is still clearly going wrong with XBox 360 manufacturing. The footage is embedded below (thanks BBC News):