Tuesday, February 19, 2008

GDC: Day 1 Roundup

As predicted, a busy news day today as GDC got underway in San Francisco. Below are the most interesting stories that came out of the day. Hopefully there will be more big announcements tomorrow, when Microsoft's keynote gets underway.
This is an interesting approach to motion capture that uses an array of cameras to create 100,000 polygon facial models that are accurate to within a tenth of a millimeter -- no special reflective balls required - should improve the ability for games to capture real character emotion
Allegorithmic's other flagship product ProFX was used in last year's XBLA title, RoboBlitz, helping to keep the download size for the title small by generating all the game's textures procedurally. Substance adds real-time texture generation and streaming to allow games to create dynamic and realistic environments on the fly, without massive texture memory costs