Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's with the lack of posts?

Those of you who have been following and enjoying my news and opinion posts about the Games Industry may be wondering why the post rate has dropped of late. I can't say I have a great excuse, other than sometimes real life gets in the way of firing up Blogger to post about the latest industry press release. We've also been in a bit of slow period, releases-wise, and there are plenty of other blogs out there able to post endlessly about the random, boring crap that often rates as gaming "news" - *cough* Kotaku *cough*.

Personally, work and family life have been a real drain on my time and energy lately, and so while I have been keeping tabs on what's been happening, nothing has really blown my skirt up enough to both posting about it. This Easter, my family and I are heading Into the Wild camping for a few days, and while I'm no Outdoors man, frankly I'm looking forward to getting away from technology and games for a while to recharge my batteries.

As we head into the middle of the year, we'll definitely start to see things ramping up considerably, with the mother load of GTA4 hitting on 29 April. Can't wait to check it out.

Just to prove that there's still interesting stuff happening, heres a new (and breathtaking) trailer of Codemasters' new racing game, Grid. Built from the next iteration of their outstanding Neon engine, Grid is looking like something truly special. Looking forward to seeing more about the game in the near future.

Have a safe and happy Easter all. Get lots of gaming in, and may all your frags be headshots ;-)