Wednesday, March 12, 2008

1942 remade for XBLA and PSN

The messengers at IGN today bring word of another classic game remake for the XBLA/PSN generation, this time it's the arcade smash hit 1942 getting the treatment in the form of 1942: Joint Strike. Sporting updated visuals and co-op gameplay, the IGN lads seem optimistic about the chances of this remake, by developer Backbone Entertainment, getting it right.
We've seen a number of arcade games remade as digital downloads. Many have failed to properly upgrade the graphics, sound or gameplay. From our brief time with 1942: Joint Strike, it doesn't seem developer Backbone Entertainment has fallen into this trap. In fact, Joint Strike stands out as an example of how to reintroduce an arcade game to a modern audience.
Head over to IGN now to check out the full preview and first direct feed vids.

1942: Joint Strike Preview (IGN)