Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Morning news roundup

A bevy of interesting news this morning, linked below for your reading pleasure!

  • Duke Nukem Forever coming 2008, original Duke Nukem 3D heading to XBLA soon, according to Kotaku
  • Famitsu spills the beans on Mario Kart Wii, from 1Up
  • Rock Band stage and light show first look, from Kotaku
  • First Mass Effect DLC pack announced, at IGN
  • More Street Fighter 4 character revealed by magazine scans up at Gamersyde
  • Lucasarts The Force Unleashed to deliver "I am your father" level plot twist, from Kotaku.
  • Zero Punctuation reviews Call of Duty 4, at The Escapist
  • Assassin's Creed PC coming in March, is 'Directors Cut', from Kotaku