Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Intel acquires Offset Software

Keen to get involved with the Games Industry on a software level, Intel has just announced that they have purchased Project Offset developer, Offset Software. 12 months or so ago, the Offset team produced a series of *very* impressive tech demo movies showing off their in-production engine, which was to be used to produce a next-gen RPG called Project Offset. It all looked very nice, and everyone was excited...and them we didn't hear anything for 12 months.

A couple of months ago, a rough gameplay video from the game leaked onto the Interwebs, but it failed to gain the traction that the initial vids had promised. Obviously they've been able to show off some impressive stuff to Intel. Hopefully this will give the Offset team the funds they need to get the game out the door.

Intel acquires Offset Software (Voodoo Extreme)