Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Gamespot Reviewer departs

The good times at CNET continued today with the news that yet another Gamespot reviewer, Jason Ocampo, has left the company. The popular gaming website has been beset by editor departures since the Gerstmann-gate affair a couple of months ago ignited gamer rage around the internet.

Well CNET, it looks like your days of reviewers tarnishing your relationships with advertisers may just about be over...if things continue like this there won't be any staff left in the Gamespot offices! It's sad to see such a once well-regarded press outlet deteriorate like this, hopefully they'll be able to get some good new writers on staff soon and we can put this nasty business behind us once and for all.

Another Gamespot Reviewer Leaves the CNET Mothership (Kotaku)

UPDATE: According to IGN's Gamescoop! podcast today, Ocampo has accepted a position as Editor-In-Chief of IGN PC.