Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rumor: Gears of War 2 details unveiled?

Straight from the totally-unconfirmed-but-sounds-awesome department comes this post from GameGuru claiming to have obtained details about the highly anticipated follow-up to the X360 smash hit, Gears of War. Specifics mentioned are that Gears2 will:

- Use the Unreal 3.5 Engine
- Contain 4 new weapons
- Be twice as big as the original
- Have controllable Air vehicles
- Have additional melee weapons
- New and bigger set-pieces
- Contain large outdoor environments, including 'Battlefield Wars'.

The post also contains a gameplay layout from what is claimed to be a Gears 2 Multiplayer map.

Time will tell if the info is legit or not, but hey, any Gears 2 news is good news right?