Saturday, January 26, 2008

Getting Started...

Here's a few links to get things started.

Firstly, the first screenshots of the sequel to the well-received PS3 Launch title Resistance: Fall of Man have showed up at IGN PS3 here. Definitely looking nice - I'm looking forward to seeing it in motion...with Insomniac at the helm however, there's no reason to expect it to be anything less than stellar.

Secondly, as a self-confessed Guitar Hero addict, I was very happy to see some new, good quality DLC available for GHIII on the X360 Live Marketplace. The new pack is called the 'Classic Rock Pack', and contains Foreigner's "Juke Box Hero," Journey's "Any Way You Want It" and Boston's "Peace of Mind". I would expect it to be available to PS3 owners soon. As with all other GHIII song packs, this one will set you back 500 MS points. A HD trailer for the new content is also available on XBLM, so if classic rock is your thing, give it a look.

Edit: GameTrailers have the trailer up now, embedded below for your rocking convenience.

Finally, Lucasarts have begun to take the wraps off their awesome-looking new Star Wars title, The Force Unleashed, which is coming out later this year. It's noteworthy because it integrates 3 key technologies (2 of which are new) in an attempt to make the experience truly 'Next Gen'. Well, judging by the webdoc available here, they look to have pulled it off. Getting Havok, Euphoria (a new biomechanical AI package from the guys at Natural Motion, also being used in Rockstar's upcoming GTA4), and Digital Molecular Matter (from Pixelux) to play nicely together is no mean feat, and I can't wait to see more from this exciting game!

That's all for now, I'll post again soon.