Wednesday, January 30, 2008

EA announces Facebreaker - it's boxing, with added Team Fortress 2 influence!

Hot off the press at 1Up this afternoon is an announcement by EA of a new boxing game called Facebreaker. Featuring Team Fortress 2 style cartoon shading, Facebreaker promises to be a more lighthearted and arcade-style boxing game than previous efforts from EA (Fight Night). Promising features such as 'real time facial deformation', we can't wait to see more. According to 1Up, more details can be expected in the March 08 issue of EGM. Head over there for the rest of the announcement.

First Valve released Team Fortress 2, then EA announced that Fifa Street 3 would have cartoon-style graphics, then Battlefield Heroes was announced to contain exaggerated characters with non-photorealistic rendering. Now comes Facebreaker. You have to wonder, are EA going to 'toonise' all of their franchises?