Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kotaku GTA 4 Hands on preview

Another day, another glowing GTA4 preview. This is getting out of control people! Argh...just one more month until we can engage in wanton crime sprees and violence in Liberty City!

GTA4 Hands-On: The World is Yours (Kotaku)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Final GTAIV Trailer released

Need I say more?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Resident Evil 5 gameplay footage revealed!

GameVideos have managed to snag the first footage of the massively anticipated Next-Gen debut of the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 5, taken from a Capcom DVD. Although offscreen, the video showcases fantastic lighting and animation in several gameplay sequences, together with footage of modelers and animators hard at work on the game's characters. The video contains Japanese voice over, however the nice folk at NeoGaf have managed to get a translation of the key details:

"Ever since the dawn of time,
the most primordial human emotion has been...

The DVD starts with footage of the original RE, where the original nightmare started as Chris and Jill try to escape the mansion.
In RE2, the battle against Umbrella unfolded as Raccoon City died.
In 3, an incessant hunter pursued Jill Valentine.
In the deserted island of Rockfort, more mysteries unfolded in CODE: Veronica.
Convict Billy Coen was an unexpected ally in Zero.
And in a village infected with madness, Leon rescued the president's daughter in 4...

The series was introduced in 1996 and broke sales records.

Now a new game is coming... Biohazard 5.

Takeuchi Interview (very rough/basic translation)

Footage of the devs examining Chris' Biohazard 5 character model on a PC. The original Biohazard was developed on older hardware, but in 5, the hardware allows for the character models to be adapted to various situations.

There were various teams that could make the game at the beginning.
Africa confirmed - Or, at the very least, the village is modeled after an African village
Sunlight will be a focus of the game to achieve a new kind of feel not done before.

Chris at first can walk around the village with no one attacking him, but he sees two people attacking another and dragging the guy into the room. Chris follows in, and the action starts after the mutation.

More footage of Chris fighting the ganados. So far, it's very similar to RE4.

5's System
Shinji Mikami's Biohazard 4 is the base for the system, with evolutions and improvements planned.

Chris Redfield
Takeuchi was a staff member of the original Biohazard, of which Chris was a star of. 5 takes place 10 years after the original RE, and Chris has a new mission.

Weapon Variation
Chris is up against a huge number of enemies. The game will have variation in weapons including series classics like the Handgun and Shotgun and such. The footage shows the developers examining a handgun character model.

Fight Elements
The game will make use of the action buttons (QTEs) from Biohazard 4 once again.

Message to the Fans
Fans have eagerly awaited prior titles and now await Biohazard 5. Capcom's working hard on the game's unexpected graphics, system and story. The Biohazard series has taken on various forms in its history. Presently a CG movie is also in works (Biohazard Degeneration) and that will be shown as well. There is a lot to look forward to in the Biohazard world this year. We will delve down into the story and characters of the Biohazard series, and thus this year will be filled with Biohazard. Please look forward to more information on the title this year.

Final World from Mr. Takeuchi

Check out the footage below before it disappears!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

LEGO Portal stop-motion movie

After receiving word about this awesome little Portal-themed LEGO stop-motion movie from Nick Larsen, I couldn't resist one last post before Easter. Complete with nice depth-of-field and portal effects, and set to the glorious Portal credits song, "Still Alive", it's well worth checking out. Thanks for the heads up, Nick!

Check it out at Nick Larsen Media.